Welcome to Meta For All!

I’m Scott, and however you found us, I’m glad you are here.

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Who am I:  I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over a decade of experience helping people with limitations improve their lives.  I’ve had the honor to help those with physical injuries, pain, stroke, spinal cord impairments, cancer and beyond.

I’m also a freelance health content writer with experience covering topics involving the intersection of health and technology.

I started Meta For All because I’m passionate about using VR gaming to help the community improve their health. I believe VR has incredible potential to improve people’s lives, and it needs trailblazers to make those outcomes happen.

Our mission: Help all VR users have the most fun and maximize their potential, regardless of their abilities.  We work as a community to turn each one of us into VR superheroes.

How to contact me:  Have a question or feedback to help improve things?  Want to chat about a freelancer writing opportunity?  Say hello using the Contact Us form, I look forward to meeting you!

How to get started: Head back to the homepage, check out some articles, and join the mailing list to get access to the latest upgrades and to connect to the community.  We’re glad you’re here!