Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the Fight is a high-quality boxing game with fast movements and striking. Train your strikes on the weight bag, work on punching rhythm on the speed bag, and dual opponents in the ring!

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by Scott Johannes, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Meta For All contributor
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Thrill of the Fight

Top things this product may help with (this list grows with community input):

  • Energy Level – Getting in the ring with an opponent is a fantastic cardio workout, and can improve overall endurance
  • Reaction Speed – Timing your blocks and punches helps to improve overall reaction speed
  • Coordination – Placing the right strike at the right place at the right time to win the fight helps enhance the body’s motor planning skills
Fun Note – Not interested in boxing opponents but still want to play? There are weight bags and speed bags in the game to practice on too.


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