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by Scott Johannes, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Meta For All contributor
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Top things this product may help with (this list grows with community input):

  • Strength – Squatting and lunging to avoid targets is a serious strengthener for the lower body
  • Balance – Weight shifts from turning and dodging obstacles can improve balance
  • Energy Level – Constant body movements during play helping increase endurance
  • Coordination – Reaching for targets at the right time can improve dexterity
  • Anxiety – The movement, music and meditation may help improve anxiety

Positive things the community has to say:

  • “Supernatural is great, if you need to move and exercise or just meditate + the views are beautiful.”
  • “Can’t say enough about Supernatural… Music immersion and movement, playing for points, leader boards with a really tight Facebook community… My fave”
Fun Note – Beautiful backgrounds from all over the world make you feel transported to and energized by the environments while you workout. 


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