Alcove is a calming app with a variety of enjoyable experiences that can turn the focus away from pain. It is filled with features that can help with pain levels, including hanging out with family and friends, watching videos, listening to classical music, visiting places in the world, performing breathing exercises and experiencing guided meditation.

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by Scott Johannes, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Meta For All contributor
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Top things this product may help with (this list grows with community input):

  • Pain Reduction – The features included help to distract from and calm pain levels, improving overall body comfort
  • Energy Level Improvement – Improved pain levels can contribute to improved overall energy level and joy during the day
  • Fatigue Reduction – A decrease in pain levels can help decrease unnecessary mental focus on the body, leading to decreased fatigue levels
Fun Note – Alcove has many features that can be enjoyed together with other VR friends and family, or personally on your own!


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