Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR allows you to experience calm, relaxation and peace by escaping into different beautiful environments. Worlds are filled with sounds and over 60 different animals to discover on your journey. The app also allows you to take control of the environments, creating enjoyment from altering the weather, timing of the day and shaping your own world.

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by Scott Johannes, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Meta For All contributor
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Nature Treks VR

Top things this product may help with (this list grows with community input):

  • Anxiety – Users have reported the escape into the different environments has a significant impact on anxiety
  • Mental Wellness – Users have reported use of the app has improved overall feelings of mental wellness
  • Depression – Users have stated decreased feelings of depression
Fun Note – The Nature Treks VR team aren’t just developers running a business, they are passionate about using VR for mental health and well-being!


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