Unleashing Your VR Potential

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Are you having problems adapting your body’s unique abilities to VR?

Want to improve performance in your favorite VR games?

Do any of the following sound familiar when you play?

“I’m not getting the game performance I want”
“I have pain”
“I’m not flexible enough”
“I’m overweight or not in good enough shape”
“I have a medical condition that limits my ability”

You Deserve To Feel Empowered By VR

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Now imagine learning the best ways to use VR to…

Decrease pain
Improve flexibility
Maximize function
Accelerate fitness and weight loss
Have more fun with your favorite VR games
Boost game performance

Unlock Your VR Potential

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Hi, I’m Scott!

I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and VR gamer passionate about helping others with problems when they use VR, regardless of abilities.

My vision: A world where every VR user, regardless of abilities, can play like a superhero.

I’m glad you’re here!