What Are Your VR Goals?

Besides being fun, community members have used VR to reach other goals they have, such as fitness, weight loss, and more. VR may be able to help you achieve goals that you have struggled with in the past. You deserve to be able to reach the goals you set, reminding yourself what you want can help you get there faster.

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by Scott Johannes, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Content Writer

Why read this?

Community members that have used this information have reported experiencing:

  • Improved happiness by knowing what they want from VR
  • Improved motivation during VR games
  • Improved fun
  • Improved game performance
  • Improved chance of meeting goals

The fun factor

Many community VR users say they use VR because it is fun. However, many also have other goals that they want to accomplish with VR, and they want to accomplish them while playing VR because it is so immersive.

Discover what your goals are. Start by completing the statement below. Choose your top answers from the list, or think up your own.

I like VR for ________________________________________________

Community members have frequently used these words when completing the statement:

  • fitness
  • fun
  • competitive gaming
  • being social
  • weight loss
  • pain reduction
  • improving flexibility
  • managing a medical condition

Try these to start getting results

You deserve to reach the goals that you set. There are countless success stories of community members using VR to achieve their goals, and they were able to do it while having fun! Your story should be next.

Community members have reported success reaching their goals by trying these ideas. This may be updated over time as more community member’s tell their stories.

  • Grow your supportive circle by making new friends with VR community members with similar goals, and then spend time with them in VR.
  • Looking for a great place to start? Join a supportive VR community for those of all abilities!
  • Try lots of different VR experiences, you may not realize you love something until you give it a try. Finding VR content that you love to play is important as it will keep you coming back over time.
  • Have a visual reminder of your goals that you look at each time you reach for the headset. Use the printable below. Print it, fill it out, and hang it up in your VR play area.
Printable: What are your VR goals?


Knowing what type of health upgrade you want to get out of VR can speed up your progress to attaining it.

Choose what you want to work on, and then let VR gaming help you towards your goals.

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